Progressive Jackpot


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Any of gambling games to the Internet (Microgaming, Playtech, IGlobal Media, Cryptologic) offers casino series of slots with a growing (progressive) jackpot. Typically, each manufacturer produces up to five progressive slots. The growing gain of one slot is always combined by the online casino network, so the jackpot amount is so big. When a player makes bets, a certain percentage of them goes to the General Fund of the slot machine. These percentages form the sum of the growing jackpot. This can be seen by watching how quickly the amount changes on the game screen. If the jackpot is won, the amount is reduced to the starting jackpot and the jackpot starts to grow again almost “from scratch”.

Development of slots with progressive jackpot

Such gambling machines have appeared long ago, but the peak of their popularity they are experiencing only the last few years. The reasons for such a high desire of players to use these emulators are obvious – it’s one thing to play, invest your money, and strive for a solid but fixed jackpot, and quite another thing when you play, and with each step the desired amount of winnings increases.

At the heart of these slot machines is the principle of accumulation of a certain percentage of each bet made by players. The jackpot grows until someone wins it, after which it starts to accumulate again. At the same time, the total amount can turn the head even to the most spoiled player! Everyone who starts playing slot machines with progressive Jack-then, there is a chance to get not only the stated percentage of the bet, but also the main prize. And to make it happen, you need to wait for the loss of a certain combination, which is indicated in the rules for a particular slot.

Features of progressive slots game

The current system, which forms a progressive jackpot, requires some sacrifices from the players. Given that with each bet a certain percentage drips to the common Fund, a certain percentage of the Fund flowing into casinos, the players at the standard rate without the jackpot is still quite small. If you compare the progressive slots with the regular ones, you can see that. In slot machines with a fixed Jack-then the percentage of bets is slightly higher.

The second point that can overshadow the situation is the need to make maximum bets. Not all slot games require this, not all bets should always be maximum, so you need to read the rules carefully. These are not the only possible conditions for playing with a progressive jackpot. But on the other hand – you can become the owner of a fantastic amount of money, and to make it happen, you need to invest a little in the total jackpot, which will get someone one.

Start playing

You can start playing these slots at any time, just select the desired machine, then make bets, and sent to the risky world of excitement. Definitely not worth it to start playing such slots for beginners and players limited in financial opportunities. It is important to test the machine in demo mode before playing for real money – then you can get a huge experience for free and protect yourself from failures unknowingly.