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Initially the bonus symbols in the gambling machines did not exist by default. But with the development of the gambling industry and increased competition between manufacturers of machines, developers were forced to resort to tricks. Thus, the creators of the software were able to attract more potential consumers of gambling services to their creations.

The main task of the wild symbol of any format is to increase the probability of winning for the client. A random wild symbol is a vivid confirmation of this. Due to the fact that gamblers were not satisfied with a huge number of usual symbols, which due to the peculiarities of the random number generator were rarely built in the desired combination, there was a need to correct the situation. To complete the “almost winning” combination, it was necessary to create a special icon that would reach the line to the successful, replacing the usual illustrations winning.

Varieties of wild symbols

The Stacked wild. It has the usual properties of the classic wild symbol. The exception would be that, stacked drops out or one, two dividing any given drum, or is it completely from top to bottom. There are such things that stacked can totally take a few reels. In a real game that I’ve ever met.

Sticky wild. As a rule, this wild after its loss remains on one or more spins on its position to increase the possibility of obtaining more profitable combinations. During the free spins, it can be placed in several cells at once and act throughout all the free spins. Also, during the action of the respin option, it can add spins if each subsequent spin falls out at least one sticky wild symbol;

Expanding wild. If to speak a simple language, using terminology and other philosophical conclusions, that is expanding or just expending wild. Its essence is incredibly simple. It appears either as one wild symbol and then expands to the entire reel vertically. Either it drops from the strip and then expanded to several drums horizontally. These three types of wild symbols are shown in the figure below:

The evolution of the wild symbol

Octopus Wild. This wild symbol is found exclusively in the Beach slot machine from NetEnt. Can replace all standard symbols when it appears on the 3rd reel. And also doubles the payouts on the sequences that helps to make. The creators of the slot did not stop and gave him another cool feature. When dropped, it can swap images taken from adjacent reels.

Wild Reels. It is found in several slot machines and in particular in NetEnt company. This is more of a prize option than a symbol. It can be started either randomly or with the help of a scatter or other symbol.  This feature is activated randomly and then one or more reels will become completely wild and will bring a lot of paid combinations.

Demolition Wild is an interesting wild symbol, which is implemented in the demolition Squad slot machine. The beauty of it is that when two wild symbols fall through one cell, i.e. one wild from another must be at a distance through one symbol. Then the function of these wilds is activated and they will add another wild symbol among themselves. And the top of its capabilities will be both adding a wild symbol horizontally and vertically.


All would be nothing, but these three main wild soon the developers began to redo the new way. Here then were born a different kind of cloning wildy, diagonal wildy etc.