n case if you are looking for something special in Qatar, we can offer you to play baccarat online real money. It is impossible to remain indifferent, and after you read this article, it would be easy to understand why.


It would be interesting to learn that baccarat always was the game of aristocrats. Maybe such kind of suppose appeared because it is a kind of tradition to bet huge amounts of money in it. Anyway, in original version gamblers interact between themselves and every single person choose is it would be okay to get another third card, or it is the end. In present casinos always prefer to offer some simple versions of baccarat in Qatar. They are mini and punto banko. The last one is very special because in that case, gamblers play against the dealer (and the decision about the third card already regulated).

It is impossible to say when does baccarat appear. Many countries in Europe are discussing the right to be called game’s motherland. Most of the Qatar gambler’s guesses touch France and Italy. In fact, it is not easy to follow the history of baccarat, because different parts of the world show own special rules and details which brings something new into the game. For example:

Spain version called Punto Banko (it would be interesting to learn that this name is possible to find in a wide range of casino – it is the second popular baccara’s name).

In France, it has another name – chemin de fer (it is possible to translate as the railroad).

In other countries possible to meet next names: “the nine” or “makao”.

Middle centuries become to be the first period of baccarat. They used Tarot cards with own special meanings. First French mention about baccarat appeared in the 1490 year. This game becomes to be the most popular way to have fun. The main idea of the game was betting on the money – this fact attracted people who could spend them. So, baccarat real money was a kind of entertainment for the aristocracy (and it still has own positions in Qatar).


We should start with the mini-baccarat Qatar version. The original game main difference in the decision to get or not to get the third card, which belongs to gamblers. The main goal is to collect a combination of cards with the total amount which means 9 or close to 9 (the closest result is a win). In case if the total amount is 10 or higher, it is important to deduct 10 points (to keep the saved amount to calculate the results). For example, 5+7=12=2.

The gambler can provide own bet in the baccarat field. The game starts from the moment when banker and gambler are getting two cards. In some cases, it is possible to get the third card. The person who took 9 points is a winner. Someone who took 8 points, in case if the competitor got less, is a winner too. In case if both gamblers don’t have 8 or 9, it is possible to get the third card (according to the classic Qatar rules).


  • in case if gambler took just 0-5 points from his previous 2 cards, it is possible to get the third card;
  • in case, if the total amount (of previous two cards) is over than 5, there is no opportunity to get the third card;
  • in case if banker got 0-4 points, he has an opportunity to get the third card;
  • in case if banker’s amount is higher than 5 – no third card right;
  • in case if the amount is 5 points, the decision about the third card is possible to build on the basis of gambler’s score;
  • in case if both side’s total score is similar, it comes to the decision about the draw game.

As you can see, play baccarat online for real money in Qatar is pretty interesting because of the wide diversity of available combinations.

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The main point which we used in our goal to find all best offers in this turf is the desire to provide amazing opportunities for baccarat adorers in Qatar. As you can see, this game was based on money, and even today it is still classic one version. It is possible to call a kind of way to save the traditions.

Anyway, online casino live baccarat real money, in comparison with other genres, can offer next advantages:

  • attention is concentrated on money as the way to prove your point of view;
  • it is possible to earn money on the basis of your correct point of view;
  • such kind of game makes gambler feel the rush because it is the real touch of the history.

The thing is that baccarat online real money will never die because this game consists of the desire to feel the excitement and the real gambling freedom.